Rushford Residential Treatment: The First Step in Recovery

Rushford at Middletown offers detox and residential rehabilitation programs to start clients on the road to recovery.

The private and secluded facility overlooking the Connecticut River offers holistic therapies, a highly credentialed and compassionate staff, aftercare planning and more.

Rushford’s detox program, which is the first step in recovery and often the most challenging, offers clients a safe and comfortable way to stop the use of opioids, benzodiazepines or alcohol. The 19-bed co-ed unit offers 24-hour medical care and supervision from registered nurses and physicians, group treatment opportunities for those who are ready to begin therapy, and boasts the lowest detox readmission rates in Connecticut.

Once clients have started their sobriety, Rushford’s 42-bed intensive residential rehab program offers them valuable skills and tools they need to make lifestyle changes and maintain their recovery.

In addition to group treatment, the residential rehab program offers individualized treatment plans, relapse prevention groups, family therapy and mental health consultations and care.

The final step in the residential continuum of care is Rushford at Stonehaven – a 26-bed brownstone in Portland that offers a structured and supportive environment to help ease the transition from 24-hour care to daily living. Clients have the opportunity to reintegrate into the community and workforce, while having access to flexibly scheduled clinical services that teach and maintain coping and relapse prevention skills.

Rushford’s four outpatient facilities, located throughout central Connecticut, offer another hub of services for clients stepping down from residential care, and offer clients the opportunity to continue treatment and their road to recovery.