Patient Feedback

Every day, patients come to Rushford seeking help, and every day there are success stories to share.

Patients arrive nervous and tearful, and in many cases end up confident, thriving and grateful for the help they receive.

  • “I am enrolled in Rushford’s outpatient addiction recovery program to support my efforts to stop drinking. I wholeheartedly recommend Rushford’s Relapse Prevention Program to anyone needing help to beat their addiction. Substance abuse can happen to any of us – regardless of how well educated and successful we are.”

    - Anonymous Patient

  • “When I realized I needed help, I looked for a discreet and confidential outpatient program, covered by my insurance, in a location close to home. I am happy to say I found that in Rushford at Avon.”

    - Anonymous Patient

  • “The staff is amazing and their comprehensive treatment programs are very effective! The support groups provide a safe space with no judgement, and teach me valuable coping skills and hold me accountable for my decisions.”

    - Anonymous Patient

  • “The other clients are people like me – good people who have a medical problem with which they need help. Everyone is so supportive and inspiring. I am now a much happier, healthier person due to Rushford. I am so glad that I did not try to do this alone and plan to continue in the program to maintain my forward momentum.”

    - Anonymous Patient

This kind of endorsement for Rushford is common. In letters, emails, patient surveys and face-to-face conversations, patients are grateful for the care and coping skills they receive. Here are some other examples:

“Excellent treatment in a clean, safe environment with care provided by a staff that was truly invested in my recovery.”

“The staff was great!”

“Once again, Rushford has been very kind to me and I will continue to recommend anyone interested.”

“Absolutely great place.”

“I just wish I knew about facilities like this years ago.”

“Great program, couldn’t have done it w/o the staff!”


“I tell everyone I know if you have go to rehab, go to Rushford, it’s the best place in the state.”

“I love Rushford!”

“I highly recommend and see my future being bright from here out!”

“Staff treated me with exceptional care.” 

“Outstanding facility.  The organization and all staff are excellent.”

“Best staff on the planet, most caring and compassionate.”