Financial Statement

September 3020162015
Current Assets:
Cash and Cash Equivalents$2,378,631$1,448,922
Accounts Receivable, Less Allowance4,361,6264,156,973
Other Receivables533,219648,335
Due to – from Affiliates(745,948)(927,693)
Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets247,147475,498
Current Portion of Assets Whose Use is Limited6262
Total Current Assets 6,774,737 5,802,097
Other Assets66,56731,328
Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net5,736,9146,099,756
Total Assets 12,578,218 11,933,181
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable259,810399,799
Salaries, Wages, Payroll Taxes, and Amounts Withheld From Employees777,705591,147
Accrued Expenses1,508,0392,015,910
Estimated Third-Party Settlements504,658191,798
Current Portion of Long Term Debt and Capital Leases35,8951,006,235
Total Current Liabilities 3,086,107 4,204,890
Long Term Debt, Less Current Portion61,66444,803
Total Liabilities3,147,7714,249,693
Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted167,239153,165
Total Net Assets 9,430,447 7,683,488
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$12,578,218$11,933,181