Statement of Operations

Year to Date September 30, 2016ActualBudget
Net Patient Service Revenue Less Provision for Bad Debts$19,762,031$20,502,287
Other Operating Revenue11,250,55911,310,567
Net Assets Released from Restriction49,76494,069
Total Revenues 31,062,354 31,906,923
Operating Expenses
Salaries and Wages17,685,59318,868,577
Employee Benefits4,856,7864,660,639
Supplies and Other1,360,9651,541,405
Purchased Services6,146,2966,088,240
Depreciation and Amortization606,093632,390
Interest Expense28,25845,120
Total Expense 30,683,991 31,836,371
Operating Gain / (Loss) 378,363 70,552
Non-Operating Gain / (Loss)
Income from investments89,5802,000
89,838 2,000
Excess (Deficiency) of Revenues Over Expense468,20172,552