Every Moment Matters

Whether it’s helping to shovel a car out of the snow, giving a client an extra blanket when he or she is cold, or offering a therapy dog to help a young girl feel comfortable in a strange setting -- in healthcare, every moment truly matters.

There are countless little moments, but they mean so much. Patients choose us for the high level of care we deliver — but they remember us for the warmth, concern and attention to detail we show them every day.

“Every Moment Matters” is the name of our new customer experience program, which was piloted this year at Rushford and its BHN-counterpart Natchaug Hospital, before being launched system-wide.

Staff members at Rushford were nominated by their colleagues and managers for doing the little things that improve the patient experience. These employees were highlighted on large posters, elevator wraps and wall decals displayed prominently at all of Rushford’s sites, with a goal of encouraging employees and managers to nominate colleagues who exemplify how “every moment matters.”

The Every Moment Matters campaign was paired with a new tool called “Momentum” that allows frontline staff and managers to electronically nominate their colleagues in real time, with specific criteria connected to HHC’s values and behaviors.

Many of these recognitions are shared on a special HHC Intranet page that highlights employees who consistently go above and beyond their routine job responsibilities.