When the Hartford Hospital Auxiliary was founded in 1921, its members made bandages needed by the hospital. Today, the Auxiliary donates hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to Hartford Hospital with one goal in mind: to make a difference in the community by supporting the values of Caring, Safety, Excellence and Integrity.

Some of the more than 30 projects funded for 2018 included:

$13,140 for a new bladder scanner in Women’s Health Services, to help reduce infections and related complications.

$7,282 to purchase compression supplies and garments so that underserved patients in the lymphedema program can maintain the swelling reduction achieved during therapy.

$24,120 for the Institute of Living’s Webb Schools to purchase six ‘smart boards’ that help identify and present interactive, engaging physical activities to students each day.

$29,095 for Radiation Oncology to purchase an immobilization system that helps reduce errors by allowing diagnostic-quality MRI scans while patients are in the exact treatment position.

$22,325 to purchase an additional ultrasound machine for IV Therapy Services, enabling the proper placement of peripheral intravenous catheters.

$23,746 to purchase a TIMS DICOM System for Speech Pathology to maximize safety and efficiency in the treatment of people with swallowing difficulties.

$15,000 for the Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation to purchase software that allows providers to practice fundamentals of endoscopic surgery on the virtual reality simulator.

$21,690 for an i-STAT machine, blanket warmer and three treatment chairs to facilitate better patient care and experience at the Center for Advanced Heart Failure’s infusion center.

$50,000 to cancer survivor Mary Lowengard, who led a grassroots effort to create an uplifting mural on a gray concrete wall facing cancer patients while they receive infusions.

While the Auxiliary has evolved since its founding 95 years ago, it remains a critical partner for the hospital in improving the health of its community. A simple way to support these efforts is to shop at the Auxiliary Store or eat at the Au Bon Pain café. Each purchase directly benefits the Auxiliary’s revenue, to be donated back to Hartford Hospital.