Innovation and Technology

The field of healthcare evolves quickly, fueled by the discoveries of new treatments, diagnostic technology and innovative techniques that can help prevent and cure the full range of ailments. At Windham, we keep abreast of the industry’s advancements so we can offer the latest machinery and services to our patients.

Leading the way in spinal surgery

Part of the overarching revitalization plan at Windham has been to rejuvenate our orthopedics program. The effort marked a milestone in May when Dr. Daniel George of the Center for Bone and Joint Care Orthopedic Associates of Windham County performed the first spinal surgery at the hospital in more than 13 years. George removed herniated disc material that had been pressing on a patient’s spinal cord. The patient went home just hours later.

“I’m very excited to be able to offer high-quality, state-of-the-art spine services in a community setting like Windham,” George says, adding that he plans to build the spine service program with conservative options like physical therapy and injections for lower back and neck ailments, and surgery when needed.

Adding non-invasive imaging

New equipment helped the imaging department at Windham expand the options for the diagnosis and access of chronic liver disease to include the latest in non-invasive procedures. Elastography uses ultrasound technology to accurately detect the amount of scarring on liver tissue, often eliminating the need for a traditional biopsy. The technology is painless, uses no radiation and yield results in just minutes.

“This allows specialists to stage the disease so they can tailor individualized therapies to optimize treatment and limit the progression of the disease,” says Dr. Steve Lee, chief of radiology at Windham.