Highest Quality Care

Every moment matters at Windham Hospital because every moment is a new opportunity to provide high-quality care to our patients. We maintain high standards and our adherence to the culture of a High Reliability Organization means we are keenly focused on protecting and improving the safety of our patients and employees by empowering staff and encouraging clear communication at all times.

Model Hospitalist Program

Hospitalists are internists who provide care to patients while they are in the hospital. In 2017, the ranks of hospitalists available at Windham expanded with the addition of staff during the day and enhanced coverage resulting from the development of an East Region hospitalist team.

“Adding providers increases the program’s flexibility, improves communication and enhances the patient experience,” says Regional Hospitalist Program Director Naomi Nomizu, MD.

Improving joint replacement with Mako

Windham expanded the options for patients needing joint replacement surgery in February with the launch of its robotic joint replacement program. The advancement stems from a new partnership between the hospital and the Center for Bone and Joint Care Orthopedic Associates of Windham County which is streamlining joint replacement services across Hartford HealthCare.

“We know that in today’s healthcare world, it’s necessary to have an affiliation and have a system-wide program where you can share resources and increase services in all of the hospitals,” says Kevin Reagan, MD, of the Center for Bone and Joint Care Orthopedic Associates of Windham County. “Our goal is to have the same quality and share best practices with everyone from Hartford to Backus and provide services close to home.”

Windham is one of only a few small community hospitals in the state to offer the MakoPlasty robotic surgery option for hip and knee replacement. Within Hartford HealthCare, the procedure is also offered at Backus and Hartford hospitals, the Hospital of Central Connecticut and MidState Medical Center.