Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

One year after initiating a new surgical protocol — Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) — with their patients, Sergio Casillas, MD, and Claudette Faucher-Charles, APRN, revealed statistics showing it had reduced average length of hospital stay by two days, decreased inpatient complications by as much as 30 percent and an almost 50-percent reduction in opioid use/need after surgery. In addition, the number of patients reporting the return of gut function within two days after surgery doubled.

With ERAS, the pair coach patients to prepare for their surgery by eating healthier foods, increasing their physical activity and cutting back on smoking and alcohol. In addition, they explain the procedure and recovery so patients know what to expect and what will be expected of them.

Backus Hospital successfully transitioned to PeopleSoft HCM on Sunday, March 18. The change means that staff are paid biweekly and must use a new employee identification number to punch in and out of the Kronos time clock. Months of planning and the creation of a strong support network enabled a smooth transition to the new technology.