East Region Board of Directors

In our continuing effort to develop a regional healthcare delivery system, Windham Hospital joined Backus and Natchaug Hospital in creating a regional board structure.

The Regional Board includes board members representing each organization, and is similar to regional boards created in Hartford HealthCare’s Central and Hartford regions. The boards focus on safety, quality and community benefit – and contribute toward the ultimate goal of creating one superior customer experience no matter where patients interact with Hartford HealthCare. 


Karla Fox


Anthony Joyce

Vice Chair

David Whitehead

Regional President

Board Members

Mary Barry, M.D.
Catina Caban-Owen
Carmen Cid
Elizabeth Conway
Carolyn Drescher
Karla Fox
Anthony Joyce

Deborah Monahan
Lynne Quintal-Hill
James Watson, M.D.
Diane Wishnafski
Mark Tramontozzi, M.D.
David Whitehead