Anonymous ******
Debra D. Bazzini
Dr. Arthur S. Abramson
William and Sylvia Aho
Sheila B. Amdur
Jessica Averett
Jane and John Bennett, Jr
Amanda Bill
Charlene Bowen
William Brauch
Mary K. Callen
Kaysie Campbell Lloyd
John S. Chronowski
Jennie Cornell
Susan Cyr
Richard M. Denton, CLU
Jennifer Depiano
Andrew Ellis

Walter and Anne Engdahl
Laura Ficks
Ms. Priscilla J. Flynn
Carolyn Franzen
Janet Perry Garson
Nicole Gavis
Lori Giambattista
Ashley M. Goven
Kay Janney
Christy Kelly
Catherine and Sean Kennelly
Alan L. Knopka
Wendy L. Kozlak
Sharon K. Lee
James V. Leta
Frank and Shirley Mauro
Ms. Brenda G. Overend
Luis Pacheco

David Pfau
Richard and Jeannie Pogmore
Gretchen B. Pokorny
Rita Pollack
John and Grace Riesen
Stephanie Rodriguez
Gabriel and Tove Rosado
Louise St. Pierre
Virginia Stallman
Phyllis Stensland
Attorney David T. Stone
Ligita Stukuls
S. T. Tabor
Harry R. Tucker
Patrick Turek
Ralph and Ruth Yulo


Anonymous *
Mary Bylone
Sharon Benedict
Jane Cornell
Kenneth J. DeLisa
Art Roberts & Joyce Donohoo
Kris Ducot
Lynne Ekblom
Joy and Rudy Favretti
Golden Eagles Club of Southeast School
Jayne Grant
April Gustafson
Sheila Guyot
Kathleen Hawkins
Lashaun Hill
G. Michael and Jane Howard
Heather Howlett
Daryl and Joseph Hurlock
James Iacobellis
Rebecca and John Jarvis
Nancy Kehoe

Charles and Charleen Knapp
Martha L. Kneen
Walter and Judith Landon
Alan Major
Harris and Leona Marcus
Bobbie Ann Maschka
Gordon and Patricia Mochel
Maria K. Niles
David and Sandra Opal
Wilmer J. Padilla-Rivera
Michael and Michele Palmer
Edward T. Pitkin, PhD
John Price
Michael and Carol Rice
Arthur D. Roberts and Joyce Donohoo
Samuel L. Schrager & Associates, LLC
Albert Samuels
Samuel Schrager, Esq.
Ellen Schreiber

Jeremy A. Schwartz and Merle B. Potchinsky
Lois S. Scranton
Lori Sfakios
Stuart and Joan Sidney
Beverly Sims and William S. Okeson
Cynara Stites
Meaghan Stone
William and Mauricette Stwalley
Kari-Ann Tegtmeier
Jerry and Janice Trecker
Claire Twerdy
Tiffenny Twerdy
Nelson C. Walker II, MD
Carol A. Wiggins, PhD
Sharon A. Wood
Charles and Frances Woody
Richard and Adrienne Wright
Peter Yednorowicz


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First Congregational Church of Coventry
Lois M. Atwood
Whitney and Alan Bundy
Jack D. Cheney
Thomas and Elizabeth Collins
Anna and Peter Crawford
Gail Delaney

Laura Fish-Kelly
Barbara J. Gilblair
Donald and Diana Hodgins
Winifred James
Barry Knapp
Beth Knight
M. Paul and Dorothy Kozelka
Lynne and Walter McPhee, MD

Keith and Joyce Nasin
Lisa Pearce
Jim and Peg Perry
Kenneth and Barbara Porter
Tricia Reid
Debbie Scott
Kenneth and Joyce Tremblay
Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, P.C.


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International Association of Lions Clubs District 23C
Carl and Andrea Booth
Karen Kessler

Kathleen Hayward
Linda and Gregg LaFontaine
Mary and Jeffrey Withey
Nancy and Raymond Knapp
Patricia Connell

Paul and Pamela Bouten
Rebecca Durham
Wally and Christine Lamb
Willimantic Lions Club Charities

Benefactor / President's Circle

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National Institute for Clinical App of Behavioral Medicine
Helen E. Baker
Marie D’Amour Baker and W. Jeffrey Baker, MD
Patricia Brown
Ruth Buczynski, PhD
Karla Fox, Esquire
Bryan E. Heston and Madison C. McGuire
Mary C. Horan
Lisa A. and Brian W. King, MD

Julia J. and Carl W. Lindquist, MD
Julie Lindquist
Shawn J. Maynard
Cynthia McClarran
Richard Norgaard
Mark and Lois Patros
Robert and Suzan Perritt
M J Pharmer
Rebecca and Timothy Putnam

Joanne Rahl
Antonio and Jean Romano
Bill and Joan Russoniello Goba
Kate Starkey
United Abrasives, Inc.
Judith Vezina
Felicia and Scott Vezina
James E. Watson, MD and Ellen L. Lang, RN, MPH, CPT
Carol J. Williams, PhD and Robert Asher, PhD
Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving, Inc.

Patrons / President's Circle

Beverly and Robert Bundy, MD
Steven Goldblatt, MD
Northeast Emergency Medicine Specialists
Savings Institute Bank and Trust Company
Savings Institute Trust Department
SI Financial Advisors

Greer Society / President's Circle

Auxiliary to Windham Hospital
Big Y Supermarkets
Johnson Family Foundation
Milton R. Johnson