Transition to Epic and PeopleSoft Almost Complete

After another year of hard work, Hartford HealthCare is close to completing a four-year journey to integrate its business processes and medical records through PeopleSoft and Epic.

In March 2018, we will celebrate our next milestone when Backus Hospital transitions to PeopleSoft for human resources operations, such as payroll and timekeeping. By November 2018, when Hartford HealthCare at Home comes aboard, the project, known as CareConnect, can be stamped “complete.”

This herculean project has moved Hartford HealthCare closer to its goal of providing patients with a single registration, health record, bill, standard of excellence and relationship no matter where they seek care within our system.

For employees, it makes it easier to transfer among HHC organizations, potentially opening new opportunities for career growth and advancement.

With the Epic electronic medical record now running smoothly, our vision to provide personalized, coordinated care to every patient is more than a promise. With the full spectrum of health information available to providers anyplace, every time, each patient’s overall health can be understood as a whole, not just in parts found in one chart or another.

The next major step in the direction of transparency came in November with the introduction of OpenNotes, a platform that allows outpatients to view their progress notes through MyChartPlus.

Other technical improvements include:

  • Phoenix: a software module that supports transplant center data collection and work flow requirements
  • Healthy Planet: a module designed for organizations engaging in population health. It links information from non-Epic sources and presents it in dashboards
  • Transfer Center: This software will improve efficiency in the new Center for Care Logistics

With the transition to the PeopleSoft software platform, major business processes have been standardized, including those related to purchasing, receiving, non-clinical billing and receivables, asset management, project costing and human resources.

This allows us to harness the buying power of our growing system to negotiate for savings when we purchase services and supplies; allows us to collect and utilize data from across the system to make more informed decisions; and provides more efficient and timely service to our customers — employees, patients and families.

Backus is scheduled to complete the transition to PeopleSoft for human resources in March, at which point Hartford HealthCare will for the first time be a truly integrated healthcare network where customer and employee experience should be seamless and unified across our system.