Patient / Customer Experience: Our No. 1 Priority

At Hartford HealthCare, the journey to improve patient / customer experience is moving forward through the recent creation of a new Center for Healthcare Consumer Engagement. The department includes the Office of Experience and the Office of Patient and Family Affairs. This structure is providing staff with the necessary support to make every moment matter for patients and families across all of our regions and service lines.

The department has rolled out a set of best practices that have now become the “new normal” across our system. They include:

Clinical Manager Rounding: Clinical managers round on all new admissions and transfers to our units to introduce themselves and welcome patients.

Purposeful Hourly Rounding: Nurses, patient-care techs and team members make a point of visiting patients every hour to improve patient interactions and service recovery requests.

Patient Experience/Education 101: New employees learn about the importance of a quality patient-customer experience in during orientation.

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC): Patient and Family Advisory Councils across the system allow our most important audience to provide feedback about their experience at Hartford HealthCare and help generate ideas for improvements.

Patient Care Journals: Inpatients are now offered a fill-in-the blanks-style booklet that allows them or their caregivers and family members to keep track of important documents, appointments and information all in one convenient place.

Interactive Leadership Rounding: Senior Leaders round on all units in the organization to see our patients and staff, providing updates and seeking feedback to remove barriers and increase staff and patient engagement/satisfaction.