Rushford Equips Drivers with Narcan to Prevent Overdoses

Creating and sustaining a safe care environment often means filling in the gaps. Rushford did exactly that recently and scored a great win for the people it serves.

The Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network has been leader in not only treating those with opioid addiction, but in shaping policy on a state and
national level. The leadership team has advocated strongly for the use
of Narcan (naloxone) as an overdose-rescue medication for patients, family
members, first responders and others.

The Transportation huddle at Rushford includes drivers who pilot vans that take clients to and from treatment. In the first week of Daily Visual Management, Donna Williams, one of the drivers, noted that clients might be at risk for overdose while being transported. Some clients still may be struggling to stay off opioids and might use drugs immediately before pick-up. She said, “We should have Narcan in our vans in the event that someone slumps over while I’m driving them and I might be able to assist and even rescue them. Can we make that happen?”

It went to the daily Rushford safety huddle and became a “just do it.” Transportation Coordinator Joe Shuckerow and Nurse Manager Justin Sleeper helped make it happen. Drivers were trained in the use of Narcan and it’s now included in the kitbag they pick up every day before climbing into their vans. From idea to completion, it took eight days.