Financials & Statement of Operations

September 3020172016
Current Assets:
Cash and Cash Equivalents$3,449,190$2,378,631
Accounts Receivable, Less Allowance4,911,3384,361,626
Other Receivables211,822533,219
Due to – from Affiliates(1,397,048)(745,948)
Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets144,015247,147
Current Portion of Assets Whose Use is Limited62
Total Current Assets 7,319,317 6,774737
Other Assets37,53966,567
Property, Plant, and Equipment, Net5,702,8125,736,914
Total Assets 13,059,668 12,578,218
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable218,363259,810
Salaries, Wages, Payroll Taxes, and Amounts Withheld From Employees843,106777,705
Accrued Expenses427,0851,508,039
Estimated Third-Party Settlements983,222504,658
Current Portion of Long Term Debt and Capital Leases77,30635,895
Total Current Liabilities 2,549,082 3,086,107
Long Term Debt, Less Current Portion134,87061,664
Total Liabilities2,683,9523,147,771
Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted107,697167,239
Total Net Assets 10,375,716 9,430,447
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$13,059,668$12,578,218
Year to Date September 30, 2017ActualBudget
Net Patient Service Revenue Less Provision for Bad Debts$20,398,312$19,762,031
Other Operating Revenue11,584,81511,250,559
Net Assets Released from Restriction115,31249,764
Total Revenues 32,098,439 31,062,354
Operating Expenses
Salaries and Wages18,476,15417,685,593
Employee Benefits4,634,0824,856,786
Supplies and Other1,103,0901,541,405
Purchased Services6,447,6146,146,296
Depreciation and Amortization576,665606,093
Interest Expense14,47528,258
31,252,080 30,683,991
Operating Income / (Loss) 846,359 378,363
Non-Operating Income / (Loss)
Income from investments158,45289,580
158,452 89,838
Excess (Deficiency) of Revenues Over Expense1,004,811468,201