Rushford Medical Staff Takes a Leading Role in Fighting Addiction

Members of the Rushford medical staff continued to take the lead in advancing research into the biology of addiction and furthering the emerging understanding of addiction as a chronic and treatable disease.

Throughout the course of the year Rushford clinical leaders were recognized frequently for their contributions to the field of addiction medicine, and their efforts to educate a wide range of audiences, including the public, government officials and fellow medical providers.

Some highlights of the year for the Rushford medical staff:

J. Craig Allen

MD, Rushford Medical Director

Craig Allen, MD, Rushford Medical Director, was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, a prestigious appointment which helps guide state policy on treatment and education concerning addiction issues.

Dr. Allen was appointed to the Medical Advisory Council for the National Council of Community Behavioral Health and Addiction Programs.

Samuel Silverman

MD, Rushford Medical Director of Addiction Services

Samuel Silverman, MD, Rushford Medical Director of Addiction Services, was named President of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, which helps set direction and policy and standards for addiction medicine care in the state.

Vincent McClain

MD, Rushford Assistant Medical Director for Residential Addiction Services

Vincent McClain, MD, Rushford Assistant Medical Director for Residential Addiction Services, was named Medical Review Officer for Haven, an independent care and monitoring center for clinical care providers struggling with addiction issues.

Members of the Rushford leadership team were recognized by the Hartford HealthCare Board of Directors in February for the organization’s work addressing the opioid and heroin addiction epidemic, particularly in regards to educating providers on proper pain medication prescription and expanding access to medication-assisted  treatment.  Shown here are, from left: Brian W. MacLean, Chairman of the HHC Board; J. Craig Allen, MD, Rushford Medical Director; Patricia Rehmer, President of the Behavioral Health Network and Senior Vice President of Hartford HealthCare; and Elliot Joseph, President and CEO of Hartford HealthCare.

Rushford’s pioneering Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program, certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, graduated its first two Fellows in 2016 – Christopher Reveley, MD, and Mohammed Ahmer Siddiqui, MD. Two newly accepted Fellows, Daanish Shaikh, MD, and Isteaq Ahmed, MD, are expected to complete their fellowship certification in 2017.

The Rushford addiction medicine program was chosen to take part in the American Academy of Pediatrics Chapter Quality Network’s Practice Improvement to Address Adolescent Substance Use (PIAASU.) The program was selected among hundreds of applicants as a way to help pediatric providers bring improved care for adolescents with substance use or mental health issues.