Research Funding Information

Federal – $763,133.00

Psychiatry – $763,133.00

Pearlson, Godfrey M.D.
Examine the Feasibility of a Standardized Field Test
for Marijuana Impairment: Laboratory Evaluations
Yale University, $570,192.00

3/5 Bipolar-Schizophrenia Network for Intermediate
Phenotypes 2
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, $49,370.00

Stevens, Michael PhD
Neural Architecture of Emotion Regulation, Adolescent
Development and Depression – Hormone Study
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), $143,571.00

Industry – $207,994.00

Psychiatry – $207,994.00

Levy, Hannah PhD
Psychophysiological Response to a Discarding Task in
Hoarding Disorder

Repoli, Lindsey
Neuroscience of Alcohol and Marijuana Impaired Driving

Tolin, David PhD
Psychophysiological Assessment of Emotional Regulation
and CBT Response in Anxiety Disorders

Departmental – $18,744.00

Psychiatry – $18,744.00

Stevens, Michael PhD
Changes in Brain Function through Repeated Emotion Regulation Training

Young, Kevin PhD
Neural Correlates of Acute Suicide Risk

Unfunded – $0.00

Psychiatry – $0.00

Namerow, Lisa M.D.
Exploration of targeted questions to identify patients with
Cytochrome P450 gene vulnerabilities

Saad-Pendergrass, Dahlia M.D.
Survey of perceived value of psychiatrist participation on tumor boards

Tolin, David PhD
Reliability and Validity of a Structured Interview for Anxiety, Mood, and
OCD and Related Disorders for Children and Adolescents