Dr. and Mrs. Farough Abed

Aiken Elementary School

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Allen

Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Banks

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Barnes

Mr. Samsaim P. Bianchi

The Budd Family Fund at the Hartford

Foundation for Public Giving

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Burnosky

Mrs. Deborah Bushnell

Annetta and Mike Caplinger

Brian and Susan Burke Clemow

Estate of Edward Cohen

Mr. Kevin Edwards

Ms. Karen Eisenstein

Ms. Mary C. Fox and Mr. Paul Fox

Ms. Pamela J. Grossman

John L. Harrington, MD

Ms. Jeanne Harris

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Simon Hollander Fund

Aaron Hollander Fund

Mr. Frederick A. Holybee

HT Adriaen’s Landing Hotel, TRS, LLC

Institute of Living CARES

Mr. and Mrs. Jan B. Kennedy/Acorn-Alcinda Foundation

Ms. Doris A. Kinsley

Richard E. Lautenbach, PhD

Legg Mason, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Leshem

Ms. Amanda K. Liedke

Ms. Pelagia C. Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Markiewicz

Carole M. Mucha, PhD and Theodore F. Mucha, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Mulroy

Mr. Michael Orlowski

Godfrey Pearlson, MD and Judy Pearlson, MS

Ms. Judith G. Pevzner

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Rinaldi

Vernon D. and Florence E. Roosa

Family Foundation Memorial Fund at the

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Harold I. Schwartz, MD and Ms. Lee Monroe

SLAA Tuesday Night Group

Sorenson Pearson Family Foundation, Inc.

Sunday IOL Todd Building Group

Mr. Richard Tashjian

Ms. Jan Tesini

The TJX Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Grier de L. Torrence

Ms. Ann Trambert

Leonard M. Troub Foundation, Inc. Trust at the

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Tuesday Night SLAA Group

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Voelker

Mr. Thomas E. Waltman

Waterford Hotel Group

Ms. Dolores M. Wienke

Dr. Andrew Winokur and Dr. Denise Winokur

Ms. Joanne F. Wright

William A. & Shirley P. Yolles Support Foundation

John P. Yonkunas

The Zachs Family

Anonymous (10)