Schizophrenia program makes great research contributions

The Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program (SRP) at the Institute of Living has made significant contributions to research and clinical understanding of schizophrenia over the past two decades, producing or participating in several dozen research studies and conferences that have helped improve treatment and outcomes for patients.

Since 1997, researchers associated with the IOL’s rehabilitation program have produced studies and findings in 26 clinical publications in the field, while participating in more than 50 conference proceedings before peers and experts in a variety of events and settings.

“This is a remarkable scholarly output for a program built around clinical care and treatment, and I applaud the researchers on our staff who have dedicated themselves to advancing our understanding of schizophrenia,” said Harold I. (Hank) Schwartz, MD, psychiatrist-in-chief at the IOL.

Warren Thime, PhD, program manager for the SRP, said he and his team strive to make research a priority while also maintaining the program’s primary function as a treatment and rehabilitation program providing clinical and skill-building services to individuals and families dealing with the impact of a schizophrenia spectrum disorder.

Thime praised researchers Matthew Kurtz, PhD, Silvia Corbera, PhD and Jimmy Choi, PsyD, for their commitment to adding to the body of research over the past several years.

“Their work with patients and their collaboration with colleagues in the SRP, the Olin Center and other treatment programs continues to add to the body of scientific knowledge and our own understanding regarding schizophrenia and its impact,” Thime said.