October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016

Dr. and Mrs. Farough Abed
Adam Zielinski Bus Trip
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Banks
Mrs. Barbara R. Basch
Mr. Samsaim P. Bianchi
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Bitzer
Lee and Ellen Blair
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo C. Bramucci
The Budd Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Burnosky
Annetta and Mike Caplinger
Mr. and Mrs. Maro H. Chapman, Jr.
Mr. Gregory C. Crane
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Eichner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fedoras
Ms. Mary Gonzalez
Ms. Nicole C. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Haldeman
John L. Harrington, MD
Ms. Jeanne Harris
Mr. Douglas J. Hart
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Mr. Paul Havermale
Aaron Hollander Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Holt
Mr. Frederick A. Holybee
John H. Houck, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Houghton
Institute of Living CARES
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Joyce

Ms. Jaclyn Kalita
Mr. and Mrs. Jan B. Kennedy/Acorn-Alcinda Foundation
Ms. Doris A. Kinsley
Ms. Leslie G. Kirkwood
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Konover
Mr. Wayne J. Landry
Ms. Candace Langlois
Richard E. Lautenbach, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lazowski
Legg Mason, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lopatosky
Ms. Jan Lopatosky
Ms. Jeanne H. Lopatosky
Mr. Joseph M. Lopatosky
Mr. Martin P. Lopatosky
Ms. Paula Lopatosky
Mr. Tom Lopatosky
Ms. Pelagia C. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Markiewicz
Mr. James Milkie, Jr.
Ms. Maryellen Mix
Ms. Megan Mowrey Moran
Carole M. Mucha, PhD and Theodore F. Mucha, MD
Joseph M. Nesta, MD
Mrs. Renata S. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pevarnik
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Porter
Robert L. Prince, MD, PC
Claire M. Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Rinaldi

Mr. Anthony Romano
Jack E. Rosenberg, MD
Harold I. Schwartz, MD and Ms. Lee Monroe
Simsbury Radio Control Club, Inc.
Simsbury Soccer Club
SLAA Tuesday Night Group
Ms. Marjorie K. Solomon
Sorenson Pearson Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark St. Pierre
The Smith STEM School
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Strich
Sunday IOL Todd Building Group
Target Take Charge of Education
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Leonard M. Troub Foundation, Inc. Trust at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Voelker
Mr. Thomas E. Waltman
Mr. and Mrs. William Wienke
Ms. Dolores M. Wienke
William A & Shirley P Yolles Support Foundation
Mr. Gary Wolff
Ms. Joanne F. Wright
Estate of Edward C. Wynne
John P. Yonkunas
The Zachs Family
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Zielinski
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