Young Adult Services: Helping with the transition to adulthood

In the world of behavioral health, there is a special urgency we experience when it comes to taking care of children or young people with psychiatric or mental health issues.

That’s not to say there is not a profound sense of importance attached to the care of adults with the same issues, but when it comes to young people showing signs of behavioral health disorders, it’s natural that professionals in the field feel a strong motivation to help them realize their full potential for living rich and happy lives.

At the Institute of Living, we bring a wealth of experience, expertise, compassion and commitment to the wide variety of innovative and pioneering programs we offer for the treatment of young adults with behavioral health issues.

Our Young Adult Services Program, which was recognized in 2015 with the first-ever National Program of the Year Award from the Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Health, provides in-depth treatment for young people between the ages of 17-26 who struggle with a wide range of issues – from substance abuse to depression to psychiatric disorders.

Innovation is a key component of our approach to caring for adolescents and young adults. We are among the first behavioral health institutions in the country to offer a comprehensive program for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning) youth. The Right Track Program, overseen by clinical coordinator Laura Saunders, PsyD, ABPP, provides young people with sexual identity issues a forum in which to grow comfortable with themselves and tools to engage confidently in society. Dr. Saunders’ work on behalf of this program has made it a focal point for other behavioral providers across the country interested in establishing similar services for LGBTQ youth – another example of the Institute of Living’s leadership role in serving the needs of young people.

We are also enormously proud of our pioneering programs for intensive outpatient behavioral
health treatment for college students and our ground-breaking Potential Program for identifying psychosis in its earliest stages. Along with our dual diagnosis and partial hospitalization programs – as well as our full range of outreach and support group efforts – our Young Adult Services Program is among the most comprehensive and focused programs of its kind in the country.

As most people know, being an adolescent or young adult is not always easy, even in the best of circumstances. But for those suffering from mental health, substance abuse or identity issues, it can be that much more challenging for young people to make the transition to a happy adulthood. Our Young Adult Services Program recognizes this issue in all of its dimensions – and that’s why we make a difference.



Harold I. (Hank) Schwartz, MD


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Robert B. Goode

Acting Chairman of the Board