First Robotic Esophagectomy in State Performed at Hartford Hospital

Procedure means faster recovery, less pain for esophageal cancer patients

Dr. Stefan Kachala, a thoracic surgeon at the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute, performed the first successful robotic esophagectomy in the state using the da Vinci® robotic system in March 2018.

A robotic esophagectomy is a minimally-invasive approach that employs small incisions made in the upper abdomen and chest to remove the malignant area of the esophagus. In the first case at Hartford Hospital, the patient’s stomach was used to replace the portion of the esophagus that was removed.

For the patient, the robotic approach promotes a faster recovery, earlier mobility, less blood loss and more precision.

Outcomes for esophageal cancer patients who undergo robotic esophagectomy are either the same or better than those who have the procedure done without the aid of the robot or in open surgery.