First Deep Brain Stimulation at Hartford Hospital

Deep Brain Stimulation is one option for certain patients with Parkinson’s disease when their symptoms can’t be controlled with medication. Designed to increase functionality and reduce abnormal movements like tremor or rigidity, it can be a life-changing procedure for patients.

Dr. Patrick Senatus and his team from the Deep Brain Stimulation Clinic at Hartford HealthCare’s Ayer Neuroscience Inst itute conducted the first of these procedures at Hartford Hospital in 2018. Dr. Senatus is a renowned neurosurgeon with extensive experience in minimally invasive and restorative spine surgery.

The Clinic is among the expanding services available through the David & Rhoda Chase Family Movement Disorders Center, as it works to achieve its goal of being a national leader in providing patients with innovative treatment and top quality home services and care, and advancing clinical research.

Left to Right:
Mark Alberts, MD
Physician-in-Chief, Hartford HealthCare
Ayer Neuroscience Institute
Patrick Senatus, MD, Phd
Hartford HealthCare