Year ended 9.30.2018

Current Assets20182017
Cash and cash equivalents43,909,78326,226,254
Interest in investments held by Endowment, LLC18,589,55814,169,122
Accounts receivable, less allowances149,935,863145,819,996
Other receivables17,666,89619,537,712
Due to – from affiliates9,976,692(11,084,558)
Inventories of supplies23,443,88025,615,327
Prepaid expenses and other assets10,607,9159,223,323
Current portion of assets whose use is limited
Total Current Assets274,130,58828,277,527
Assets whose use is limited20182017
Interest in investments held by Endowment, LLC275,689,954215,857,884
Donor-restricted interest in investments held by Endowment, LLC270,769,411221,285,449
Investments and other assets290,689372,769
Investments for restricted purposes4,418,6656,981,615
Escrow funds for long term debt8,399,222
Funds designated for debt service7,640,5018,737,880
Investments held by HHCISL
Funds held in trust by others129,076,606122,724,486
Interest in investments held by Endowment, LLC
Investment in subsidiaries
Other assets107,300,62376,610,215
Property, plant, and equipment, net498,521,174494,384,861
Total Assets1,567,838,2111,384,861,557