Trust Funds

Held by the Treasurer of Hartford Hospital. Founded on bequests and gifts which are restricted to use of income only:

Betty Agee Memorial Fund
Edwin Aishberg Fund
Lucy Brace Allen Free Bed Fund*
Marjorie H. Allen Free Bed Fund*
Alumnae Association, Hartford Hospital School of Nursing*
Mary W. Anderson Fund
James P. Andrews Fund
Lillian Andrews Free Bed Fund*
Harriett Wadsworth Arnold Fund u/w/o Frederick W. Arnold
Mary Ogden Avery Memorial Fund
Avery-Welcher Free Bed Fund*
Beatrice Fox Auerbach Capital Equipment Fund
William T. Bacon Free Bed Fund*
Eugene Ballard Fund
Raphael and Julia R. Ballerstein Free Bed Fund*
D. Newton Barney Educational Building Endowment Fund
Laura D. Barney Free Bed Fund*
Marie and Raymond Beauregard Endowment Fund
Ruth H. and Roger S. Beck MD Endowment Fund
W. Marston and Katharine Becker Fund
Ruth Russell Belding Fund
Alice Howard Bennett Free Bed Fund*
Samuel Barwick Beresford Free Bed Fund*
Diane D. and Timothy S. Bengston Endowment Fund
John M. and Shelly A. Biancamano Fund
Helen Sterling Brainard Free Bed Fund for Children*
Leverett and Mary Brainard Free Bed Fund*
Lyman B. Brainard and Lucy M. Brainard Free Bed Fund
Mary B. Brainard Fund*
Newton C. and Elsie B. Brainard Fund
Amaziah Brainerd Fund*
Dorothea H. Brandon Memorial Fund
Howard W. Brayton Fund*
Alice Stephen Brewster Free Bed Fund*
Barbara Bridgman Fund
Frances Wood Britton Free Bed Fund*
Ruth Talcott Britton Fund
John H. Brooks Fund
Brooks-Woodford Memorial Fund
F.A. and Martha W. Brown Fund
Frederick S. and Almera 0. Brown Fund*
John D. Brown Fund*
Isabel Goodrich Buck Fund i/m/o Francis Goodrich Buck
Addie W. Burpee Fund*
Angie L. Burr Fund
Robert W. and Marjorie V. Butcher Endowment Fund
Elsie A. Butler and William N. Butler Fund u/w/o William N. Butler
Mary Gleason Camp Memorial Fund
Carbone Family Fund
Coleman H. and Jo Champlin Casey Fund
Natalie Chambers Fund i/m/o Francis Chambers
Kathryn Richards Chandler Fund*
Mary Robinson Cheney Fund
Cheney Brothers’ Free Bed Fund*
Children’s Fund*
Citizens Endowment Fund
Julie J. Gilman Clark Fund for Assistance*
Mabel H.P. Clark Social Service Fund
Robert J. Clark Endowment Fund
Susan S. Clark Free Bed Fund*
Cohen Family Endowed Fund for Oncology
Fred Cohen Endowment Fund
Francis W. Cole Fund
Martha Isham Cone Free Bed Fund i/m/o Lillian C. Cone*
Charles B. Cook Free Bed Fund*
Frank W. Corbin Fund*
Florence S. Marcy Crofut Educational Endowment Fund
C. Wellington Crosby Fund u/w/o Mathew George Thompson*
Daniel P. Crosby Fund
Francis Crosby Fund
Ralph W. Cutler Free Bed Fund*
Ruth Brainard Cutler Fund*
Julia W. Ensign Darling Fund
Issac B. and Maria Ann Davis Fund u/w/o John 0. Davis
Pierpont Davis Fund
Calvin Day Free Bed Fund*
Edward M. Day Fund
L.A. Dickinson Fund*
Edward H. Dillon Fund*
Austin Cornelius Dunham Laboratory Fund
Austin Cornelius Dunham Training School Nurses’ Prize Fund
Sarah R. Dunham Fund*
Lucius H. Elmer Fund
William Ely Free Bed Fund*
Endowment 1994 Fund
Joseph R. Ensign and Mary P. Ensign Free Room Fund*
T.R. Farrell Free Bed Fund*
The Maury Ferriter Endowment Fund
Anna B. Fischer Free Bed Fund*
George H. Fitts Fund
Frank J. and Kathryn W. Flynn Memorial Fund
George Bushnell Foster Fund
James P. Foster Fund
Gurdon Fox Fund
Moses Fox Free Bed Fund No.1*
Moses Fox Free Bed Fund No.2*

Elizabeth Roberts Fredericksen Endowed Fund for Nursing Excellence
Emily Fritts Memorial Endowment Fund
Bernadine D. Gale Fund u/w/o Philip B. Gale
George Gay 2000 Endowment Fund*
George H. Gilman, Sr. Fund u/w/o George H. Gilman, Jr.
Anna M. Goodwin Fund
Daniel M. Goodwin Free Bed Fund*
Francis and Mary Goodwin Free Bed Fund*
The Rev. Dr. James Goodwin Memorial Free Bed Fund*
James Lippincott Goodwin Fund
Mary Elizabeth Lincoln Goodwin Bed Fund u/w/o Charles L Goodwin*
Rev. Stephen Henry and Helen Woodward Granberry Free Bed Fund*
Ella Grasso Scholarship Fund
The Neil J. Grey, M.D. Fund for Diabetes
C.L. & L.M. Griggs Grohmann Fund u/w/o Carl L. Grohmann
Dwight Griswold Lectureship Fund
Frank L. and Agnes E. Griswold Fund
Christine J. Haas Fund
Hannah S. and William P. Haas Fund
George Hall Fund No. 1*
George Hall Fund No. 2*
Harriet Hall Fund
Joseph T. Hall Fund
Margaret J. Hall Free Bed Fund*
Edith May Hart Free Bed Fund*
Emma May Hart Fund*
Ferdinand Austin Hart Free Bed Fund*
Harold and Ethel Hart Endowment Fund
Hartford Archdeaconry, Children’s Cot Fund*
Norman Hendensted Fund
Edward P. Hickmott Free Bed Fund*
Elisha E. Hilliard Fund
Atbertus S. Hills Fund*
Hills Fund u/w/o Carrie E. Hills Knight
Frederick W. Hills Fund*
J. Coolidge Hills, Ellery Hills and Nancy H. Hills Fund*
Drayton Hillyer Fund*
Mrs. Henry P. Hitchcock Free Bed Fund*
Harold G. Holcombe Fund*
Jane Holton Memorial Fund
Edward Williams Hooker Free Bed Fund*
Hospital Social Service Fund
Edmund G. Howe, Willam J. Wood and Frances Howe Wood Fund
Charles L. Hubbard Fund
Lucius E. Humphrey and Grace H. Humphrey Fund
Newman Hungerford Fund No.1*
Newman Hungerford Free Bed Fund No.2*
Newman Hungerford Free Bed Fund No.3*
Institute of Living Endowment Fund
Jefferson House Good Samaritan Fund
Charles A. Jewell Free Bed Fund*
Lyman B. Jewell Fund
Katherine W. Johnson Fund
The Jonathan Lodge #66 I.O.O.F. and Jonathan Welfare Society Endowment Fund
Jennie C. Jones Memorial Fund
Edwin B. Judd Fund
Junior League of Hartford Free Bed Fund*
Keney Fund*
Mary J. Keney Fund
Edith and Will Kingsbury Fund
George W. Klett Fund
Robert C. and Leonice M. Knox Fund
Henry Kohn Free Bed Fund i/m/o Richard Case Kohn
Herman P. Kopplemann Fund
Dr. John C. Leonard Fund
Hyman Levine Fund
James M. Linton Fund
Marilyn Lippman Memorial Fund
Susan E. Lyon Memorial Fund
Morris and Edith Mancoll Fund
Augusta M. Manning Free Bed Fund*
Edith Oakley Martin Fund u/w/o Richard P. Martin
Roland Mather Permanent Fund of the Hartford Hospital
Francis T. Maxwell Fund
Dr. John Butler McCook Memorial Fund
William B. McCray Fund*
Harriett Rowley McKown Fund
Juliette McLean Free Bed Fund*
George J. Mead Fund
Charles B. Miller Free Bed Fund*
Ella F. Miller Free Bed Fund*
Maria L. Moody and Bertram E. Moody Fund for Palliative Care
Henry K. Morgan Fund
Junius S. Morgan Fund
William D. Morgan Fund
Grace Root Morris Fund
Arnold Henry Moses Fund
John C. Niblack Trauma Support Endowment Fund
Frederick L. Nichols Endocrine Fund
Charles N. Northam Fund*
May Rockwell Page Fund
Donato Palermino, M.D. Endowment Fund
Emma L. Parsons Fund*
Emily M.W. Peabody Free Bed Fund*
Julia Ripley Pember Free Bed Fund u/w/o Chauncey Pember*
Mrs. George C. Perkins Free Bed Fund*

Gertrude S. Perkins Free Bed Fund*
Lucy Adams Perkins Fund
Permanent Fund
Charles and Elsie Sykes Phelps Free Bed Fund*
Guy R. Phelps Fund
Clara Piester Fund u/w/o Everett Piester
Ralph and Lula Pinney Fund
The Charles Polivy, MD, Surgical Education Fund
Charles F. Pond Free Bed Fund*
Caroline E. Porter Free Bed Fund*
Eliza Storrs Porter Free Bed Fund*
John Porter and Caroline E. Porter Fund
Camilla Jillson Potter Free Bed Fund*
Samuel 0. Prentice Free Bed Fund*
William H. Putnam Research Fund
Ludwig J. Pyrtek, MD Chair Fund
Barbara Coles Ralston Endowment Fund
M. Katherine Reis Free Bed Fund*
The Ned C. and Janet C. Rice Fund for Excellence
Edith Kerr Richards Memorial Fund*
Herrick C. Ridlon, MD Fund
Charles C. and Emily Cheney Riley Fund
Sophia S. Risley Fund No.1
Sophia S. Risley Fund.No. 2
Elvira Evans Roberts Free Bed Fund*
Edward K. Root Fund
Edward King Root Maintenance Fund
Judson H. Root Free Bed Fund*
Lewis P. Roraback Fund
G. Gardiner Russell Fund
Ada Gilbert Russell Fund*
Mary I. B. Russell Fund*
Mary Thomson Russell Cancer Research Fund
William C. Russell Social Welfare Fund*
William C. Russell and Ada G. Russell Free Bed Fund*
William A. Sanborn Free Bed Fund
Joseph D. Sargent Cancer Research Fund
School of Nursing Endowment Fund*
Schizophrenia Treatment Fund
William G. Sexton Fund
Lois and Howard Siegal Endowed Fund for Nursing Excellence
Clayton H. Smart Fund for Diabetes
Ellen T. Smith Free Bed Fund*
Olcott and Lucy Smith Research Fund
Dr. Oliver C. Smith Fund No. 1*
Dr. Oliver C. Smith Fund No. 2
Dr. Oliver C. Smith Fund No. 3
W. Leslie Smith, MD Fund
Joseph S. and Margaret A. Stackpole Fund
Staff Memorial Fund
Hannah Marcy Starr Free Bed Fund*
Melancthon Storrs Fund u/w/o Gertrude S. Perkins
Edward A. and Etta W. Suisman Fund
Mary Mulready Sullivan Symposium Endowment Fund
Frank C. Sumner Fund
Alice Taintor Free Bed Fund*
Tallwood Urology and Kidney Institute Endowment Fund
The Taylor Fund
Madeline Murphy Taylor Fund
Isham Terry Fund*
Oliver Grant Terry and Amelia Smith Terry Fund u/w/o Mary A. Terry
Gertrude D.S. Thompson Free Bed Fund*
Hartwell G. Thompson Fund
James M. Thomson Free Bed Fund*
Thrift Shop Nursing Education Fund
Dr. Ralph M. Tovell Fund
Nancy and Bill Trachsel Fund
The Truex Family Fund for Community Service
Grace Tuttle Fund u/w/o Sarah Tuttle and u/w/o William F. Tuttle
Jane Tuttle Free Bed Fund for Nurses, etc.*
Miles A. Tuttle Free Bed Fund*
Sarah Tuttle Free Bed Fund u/w/o Jane Tuttle*
William F. Tuttle Free Bed Fund u/codicil to Will of Jane Tuttle*
William F. Tuttle Free Bed Fund u/w/o Jane Tuttle*
Kate G. Tyler Fund
H. Whitney Tyler Fund
Bernadette Warren Fund
Nathan M. Waterman Free Bed Fund*
Ellen M. Watkinson Trust Fund*
Arne Welhaven Memorial Library Fund
Cassius Welles and Susie Russell Welles Fund u/w/o William C. Russell
Mary A. Whaples Fund*
Frank L. Wilcox Free Bed Fund*
Wildwood Sanatorium Investment Fund
Elizabeth W. Williams Free Bed Fund*
Eugene Phillips Williams Fund*
Josephine Williams Estate Fund i/m/o Lyman B. Jewell
Josephine Williams Trust Fund
Hattie Johnson Wilson Free Bed Fund*
Robert J. Winkler Endowment Fund
Solomon and Katie Wohl Free Bed Fund*
Bertha B. Woodford Fund
Charles G. Woodward Fund
Mary S. Woodward Fund
Henry I. Wright Fund*
The Zachs Endowment Research Fund

Trust Funds not held by the Treasurer of the Hartford Hospital. From Bank of America as trustee:

John G. & Jane M. Austin Trust
Edwin H. Bingham Trust
Harriet Bundy Est. Trust
Willie 0. Burr Trust
Elizabeth M. Burt Trust
John J. Corning Trust
David Crary, Jr, Trust
Flora M. Crary Trust
Harriet Dickman Trust
Emma B. Fehrer Trust

George Gay Trust
Lelia C. Hunter Trust
Charles A. Hunter Trust
Emma B. Lane Est. Trust
Sarah Pardee Trust
Lewis P. Roraback Trust
E. Terry Smith Trust
Winchell Smith Trust
Louise Terry Trust
Joseph P. Trumbull Trust

Frank W. Weston Trust
Anna C.F. Butler Trust
George J. Capewell Foundation
u/w/o Garafelia Capewell
– u/w/o George J. Capewell, Jr.
– u/w/o Mary A. Capewell
– u/w/o Ida G. Capewell
I. Kent Fulton Trust
William L. Montogue
Ethel Wood Thomas Trust
Aaron W.C. Williams Trust
Charles G. Woodward Trust
Grace Holcomb Humphrey Trust

Trust Funds not held by the Treasurer of the Hartford Hospital Jefferson House. From Bank of America as trustee:

Grace Edith Bliss Trust
Grace Edith Bliss Trust u/w/o Frederick S. Bliss
David Crary, Jr., Trust
Rene H. Hills Trust

Sara Pardee Trust
Joseph P. Trumbull Trust
Frank W. Weston Trust
Mary Botsford Trust

George J. Capewell Foundation
– u/w/o Garafelia Capewell
– u/w/o George J. Capewell, Jr.
– u/w/o Mary A. Capewell
–u/w/o Ida G. Capewell
William R. Morgan Trust
Aaron W. C. Williams Trust
Charles G. Woodward Trust
Julia S. Reynolds Trust

Trust Funds held by the Treasurer of the Hartford Hospital Jefferson House:

Elizabeth C. Bacon
William T. Bacon
John F. Baker Fund
Alice M. Bartholomew
Mary Jane Blackman Fund
Brooks-Woodford Memorial Fund
F. A. Brown Fund
Martha W. Brown Fund
Wickliffe S. Buckley Fund
Louise S. Bunce Fund
Harriet Turner Burnham Fund
Silas Chapman, Jr., Fund
Mabel H.P. Clark Fund
Susan S. Clark

Caroline L. Cooley
Josephine H. Davis Fund
Charles E. Fox Fund u/w/o Frederick K. Fox
Bernadine D. Gale Fund
Charles S. Goodwin Fund u/w/o Charles L. Goodwin
Jessie I. Herriman Fund
Elsie M.S. Hills Fund
Stephen Hills Fund
Mrs. Henry P. Hitchcock
Charles L. Hubbard Fund
Keney Fund
George Rice Lester Fund
George S. Lewis u/w/o Cornelia B. Hinsdale
Emma Brown Lyman

Mary P. Mansfield Fund
Eliza F. Mix
John Porter and Caroline E. Porter Fund
Edward V. Preston and Clara M. Preston Fund
Judson H. Root Fund
W. C. Russell Fund
Ellen T. Smith
William L. Sugden Fund
Catherine Tuttle Fund u/w/o Sarah Tuttle
William Tuttle u/w/o Sarah Tuttle
Bertha B. Woodford Fund
Charles G. Woodward Fund
Mary S. Woodward Fund
P. Henry Woodward Fund

* Those starred are “Free Bed” funds which have been given to enable the hospital to provide care to any and all, based on financial need on application.