Good Works for Hartford Hospital

When the Hartford Hospital Auxiliary was founded in 1921, its members made bandages needed by the hospital. Today, the Auxiliary donates more than $650,000 each year to Hartford Hospital with one goal in mind: to make a difference in the community by supporting the values of Caring, Safety, Excellence and Integrity.

2016 started with yet another record-breaking golf tournament, which donated $150,000 to its beneficiary, Nursing Education and Research. Additionally, the partnership with Faber International at the Auxiliary Store has become a beneficial endeavor. Beyond Golf Tournament proceeds and earnings from the partnership with Au Bon Pain, the increased store revenue allowed the Auxiliary to fund more than $393,791 in spring and fall projects for 2016.

A few of the funded projects for 2016 included:

$23,000 – BreathHold ES device for Radiation Oncology

$26,504 – virtual reality treatment for the Anxiety Disorder Center

$23,439 – sensory-based comfort rooms for the Webb School

$24,261 – 12 safe patient handling transfer devices

$122,927 – five specialized ultrasound machines, including a GE LOGIQe unit, a Site Rite ultrasound vein illuminator, two handheld machines, and a Sonosite point-of-care ultrasound for use in the Emergency Department

$35,000 – new patient gowns

$5,459 – post laryngectomy prothesis for Speech Language

The Auxiliary was honored to be one of the early supporters of the multi-phase master facilities plan, anchored by the Bone & Joint Institute, pledging $2 million to the lead phase of the Hartford Hospital Capital Campaign. Additionally, the Auxiliary has also provided a total of $350,000 toward the renovation of the Brownstone over the last two years. While the Auxiliary has evolved since its founding 95 years ago, it remains a critical partner for the hospital in improving the health of its community. A simple way to support these efforts is to shop at the Auxiliary Store or eat at the Au Bon Pain cafe; each purchase directly benefits the Auxiliary’s revenue, to be donated back for Good Works for Hartford Hospital.

Joe Pedemonti

Employee of the Year

Joe Pedemonti is an educational coordinator at The Webb Schools, a therapeutic day school at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living. He has worked at the Institute of Living for 21 years. Pedemonti was instrumental in creating the The Webb Schools’ first Credit Recovery Classroom, which enables high school students to recover credits they’ve lost and continue their education. Since the program’s inception three years ago, nine students have earned their high school diplomas, and more than 20 have recovered lost credits and transitioned back to school. In addition to his work at the school, Pedemonti is also involved in the Zero Suicide Champions group, which aspires to prevent suicides.