HOCC nurse goes above and beyond as Healthcare Hero

Amy Wright, administrative coordinator in the Emergency Department at The Hospital of Central Connecticut (HOCC), is widely known among her colleagues for her empathetic and nurturing interactions with team members and patients. On June 14, Wright received a Healthcare Hero Award from the Connecticut Hospital Association for her invaluable contributions in delivering exceptional healthcare in her field and to her community.

Although Mother’s Day is typically a time spent celebrating the life of someone special, it was a tough day a couple years ago for a daughter whose mother died in the ED at HOCC. As the daughter sat in the room distraught and frightened, with no family support, hospital staff cried at the sight of her suffering.

That’s when Wright stepped in and did what she does best.

“It’s difficult to put into words what happened when Amy walked into the daughter’s life, but I am certain it left a lasting impression on both of their lives,” said Bob Flade, RN, regional director of Emergency Services. “It’s an example of how pain and love coincide in our hearts even among strangers.”

To this day, Flade said he still gets tears in his eyes when he thinks about the way Wright consoled the daughter and did whatever she could to relieve at least a little of her pain.

In another incidence, Wright helped make a difficult situation a little easier by helping a child’s family pay for the child’s funeral after the child died in the ED. Wright mobilized the ED staff, reached out to community partners, and took up a collection.

“Working in the ED is very difficult at times,” said Flade. “However, knowing there are beautiful people like Amy who are truly dedicated to helping people during their darkest days is reassuring. This is just one of the many reasons that Amy is a Healthcare Hero.”