MidState Medical Center Medical Board

John Redmond, MD

Alan Weiner, MD
Vice-President (President-Elect)

Richard Smith, MD
Immediate Past President

Michael Kellogg, MD
Director, Division of Adult & Pediatric Medicine

Edward Akeyson, MD
Director, Division of Surgery

Vincent Hoyt Pepe, MD
Director, Division of OB/GYN

Aaron Covey, MD
Director, Division of Orthopaedics

Kathy Pae, MD
Chief of Pediatric Primary Care Section, Division of Adult & Pediatric Medicine

Jonathan C. Allen, MD
Director, Division of Psychiatry

Amritial Dalsania, MD
Director, Anesthesiology Department

Donald Lombino, MD
Director, Emergency Department

Mark E. Ludwig, MD
Director, Pathology Department

Harry Hajedemos, MD / Gary Dee, MD
Director, Radiology Department

Steven Hanks, MD
HHC Central Region VPMA

Robert J. Golub, MD

Eileen O’Regan, MD

Walter Kupson, DO

Nicholas Verdura, MD
Representative, Division of Surgery

George Spivack, MD
Chairperson of the Specialty Care Sub-Division, Division of Adult & Pediatric Medicine

Andrew Metzger
Medical Director, Surgical Services

Lucille Janatka
HHC Central Region President

Cindy Russo
MidState Vice President, Operations (ex-officio member)

Catherine Stevens
HHC Central Region Vice President, Patient Care Services (ex-officio)

Carl Grant
Chairman, Board of Directors (ex-officio)

Daniel Kombert, MD
Director, Hospitalist Program