Innovation and Technology

Healthcare, like so many fields these days, is driven by innovative minds and shaped by the latest advances in technology. At Backus, we keep abreast of revolutionary practices and employ cutting-edge machinery like surgical robots and three-dimensional mammography in order to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Leading the way in minimally-invasive surgery

Whether it’s the addition of total knee replacement surgery or introducing state-of-the-art procedures for colon cancer, Backus offers minimally-invasive robotic surgery to an ever-widening patient base. In March, general surgeon Dr. Sergio Casillas performed his 100th minimally-invasive colon resection using the latest version of the daVinci surgical robot, a major milestone that demonstrated his expertise as well as that of the hospital’s surgical staff. Backus is the only hospital in southeastern Connecticut with the latest version of the daVinci, which is used in urological, gynecological, colorectal and weight loss procedures.

“This technology has allowed us to perform complex surgical procedures for both benign and malignant colorectal conditions,” Casillas says. “Most patients require very small incisions, which translates into less pain and faster recovery.”

A whole new layer of visibility

One of the first hospitals in the nation with the latest three-dimensional mammography, or tomosynthesis, technology, Backus sharpened the focus on breast tissue in the fight against cancer. Unlike traditional two-dimensional mammography with which radiologists read individual images, tomosynthesis allows the specialist to scroll through the images like the pages of a book and look through overlapping tissue. This capability is particularly helpful for women with dense breasts. With 2D mammograms, these women are often called back for follow-up testing or subjected to unnecessary biopsies.

Wired with technology

For the seventh consecutive year, Backus was recognized as one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the nation with a “Most Wired” award from Hospitals and Health Networks, a healthcare publication of the American Hospital Association. The award signifies the hospital’s commitment to technology and improving the efficiency of care delivery, which is also evidenced in the massive implementation of the Epic electronic health records platform. The go-live for CareConnect – which includes Epic, PeopleSoft and Image Connect – is planned for October 1, 2017.