Highest Quality Care

Attention to the quality of care we provide at Backus Hospital is ingrained in every patient encounter, training and initiative. Our adherence to the culture of a High Reliability Organization means we are keenly focused on protecting and improving the safety of our patients and employees by empowering staff and encouraging clear communication at all times. Our efforts in this area are routinely recognized as exemplary by the healthcare industry.

Honored for patient safety

Healthgrades in 2017 honored Backus as a top hospital for patient safety. A national firm that provides consumer information about physicians, hospitals and healthcare providers, Healthgrades name recognized hospitals with its annual Patient Safety Excellence Award for limiting deadly medical errors and other incidences of preventable patient harm. Backus was one of just two hospitals in Connecticut to earn the honor.

Practice makes perfect

Backus surgeon Dr. Michael Halperin was recognized this year for being one of the top volume disc replacement surgeons in New England. Halperin prefers disc replacement – using an implant made with metal plates on the top and bottom and a flexible plastic piece in the middle, allowing for full range of motion – to disc fusion because it enjoys lower re-operation rates for lower back and neck pain sufferers.

“After disc replacement, a patient is able to maintain their normal or near normal range of motion in all planes,” Halperin says, adding that fusion surgery often results in a need to operate again if the patient’s body does not produce bone growth between the vertebra. “In 10 years, I haven’t revised a single artificial disc.”