Backus Legacy Society

Members of the Backus Legacy Society are individuals who have made a provision in their will, trust, or other planned giving instrument to leave a gift to the Backus Hospital. These well-planned gifts help Backus to continue its mission of improving the health of our community.

Anonymous (9)
Mr. Seymour and Mrs. Linda Adelman
Dr. and Mrs. Sultan Ahamed
Dr. Ruth M. Anderson*
Mr. John Bellevance*
Ms. Sara M. Belcher*
Mr. Luason and Mrs. Jean Carnaghan
Mr. and Mrs. A. James Chojnicki*
Mr. Irving* and Mrs. Dorothy Cohen
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Elaine Coletti
The Reverend Norma Connolly
Ms. Carol Curland
Steven M.Curland, M.D.
Mr. Ronald G. Dean
Ms. Harriet Jane Dibble*
Ms. Ida M. Dilimetinian*
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Nancy Fontaine
Ms. Leona Fuller*

Dr. and Mrs.* Christopher C. Glenney
Mr. William and Mrs. Mary Lou Juzwic
Mr. Clifford Karpinski
Dr. Morris E. Katz
Alice Regina Kirchner, R.N.*
Mr. Gerald * and Mrs. Susan Kortfelt
Mr. Sheldon and Mrs. Marcelle* Levine
Dr. * and Mrs. Nicholas Mahalawich
Attorney Anne L. Masterson
Dr. Thomas J. Masterson*
Miss Dorothy L. Miller, RN, MA*
Mrs. May A. Mitchell*
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Donna Palumbo
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Perkins*
Mr. Leonard Pogel*
Ms. Theresa Turano Reardon in memory of Thomas and Evelyn Turano
Mr. Harold Ross*

Ms. Janet F. Rothwell
Mrs. Grace Sears*
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Susan Seeman
Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Marjorie Sholes*
Mrs. Eva Crowell Smith*
Miss Eva Virginia Smith*
Mr. Anthony Socha*
Mrs. Helen B. Solomon*
Mr. Harry and Mrs. Selma Swatsburg*
Dr. Anthony* and Mrs. Patricia Tramontozzi
Ms. Julieta G. Villamoya
Mr. David and Mrs. Tara Whitehead
Ms. Arline Wisnefsky*
Mr. Eugene Wisneske
Mr. Ernest A. Zachae*
Mr. Paul E. Zachae*
Ms. Jeanine Zack
Mrs. Lois Zuerner in memory of Mr. Hartwell G. Zuerner*


Backus Office of Philanthropy and Development

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please contact the Office of Philanthropy and Development at 860.823.6325 with any errors or omissions as we would like the opportunity to make corrections.