Annual Giving

Contributions to the hospital’s annual fund provide the funds necessary to maintain and upgrade equipment and facilities and support health education programs.

Backus Bennies Honorees

Business Partner in Care
Big Y, Norwich


Community Health Champions
Town of Plainfield – Paul Sweet, First Selectman

Lifetime Achievement
Dr. Manuel E. Kadish


Special Event Champion
Panera Bread, Howley Bread Inc.

We appreciate the following individuals and businesses for their support in 2017.

Partner in Care
The William W. Backus Hospital Auxiliary
Backus Hospital Medical Staff
Connecticut Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc.
Estate of Ida Dilimetinian
The Edward and Mary Lord Foundation
Gates Automotive Group
The Mohegan Tribe
Panera Bread, Howley Bread Group


William A. Slater Society
Big Y Foods, Inc.
FIP Construction, Inc.
MBH Architecture
O, R & L Construction, Inc.
Odetah Campground Inc.
Willimantic Lodge #1311 BPOE
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Delorme
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Slater
Mr. William and Carolyn Trantalis
Lynne Quintal-Hill – Quintal Insurance Agency

Dr. Patrick Cassidy Society
A/Z Corporation
Compass One Healthcare
Concord Healthcare Development, Inc.
Creative Office Interiors
Electric Boat Corporation
Gates Auto Group
Hartford Pathology Associates PC
Stryker Orthopaedics
The Roofing Store LLC
Mr. S. John Grillo
Mr. and Mrs. Bimal Patel
Atty. and Mrs. Bart A. Sayet
Ms. Sarah M. Slingerland
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Sullivan

General Edward Harland Society

AHEPA Norwich Foundation Inc.
Anderson Law Firm, P.C.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Bond Brothers Inc
Buttonwood Farm Ice Cream
Carlin Construction
Chelsea Groton Bank
Colonial Health & Rehab Center of Plainfield, LLC
Community Foundation of Southeastern Connecticut
Dime Bank
Elsie A. Brown Fund Inc.
Estate of Nancy Driscoll Dutton
Fire Alarm Specialty Design, LLC
Goldblatt Bokoff, LLC
Norwich Fire Fighters, Local 892
Norwich Public Utilities
OB-GYN Services, PC
People’s United Bank
Surgical Associates of Norwich, LLC
The Norwich Free Academy
Tri Town Foods
Unitex Textile Rental Services
Utley & Jones Pharmacy, Inc.
Ms. Linda Albamonti
Dr. Nader M. Bahadory
Mr. Stephen C. Barrett
Jennifer C. Bellino, M.D.
Mrs. Muriel Benton
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Blinderman
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Bouchard
Ms. Diane Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Brown
Mr. Howard Bruskin
Ms. Lee Buchan
Mr. Douglas L. Burrill
Ms. Theresa L. Buss

Mr. and Mrs. Luason L. Carnaghan
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Chupaska
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Clifford
Atty. Elizabeth Conway and Mr. Robert J. Kudej
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Conway
Ms. Robin S. Cormier
Mr. Richard A. DeGray
Ms. Gail M. Delaney
Mr. Mike DiBernardo
Mr. Christopher Dunn
Mrs. Rebecca M. Durham
The Misses Anne and Mary English
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fischburg
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fontaine
Ms. Kathryn Forschler
Mr. David Garamella
Mr. Craig Gates
Ms. Susan Gershkoff
Ms. Dorothy J. Gravel
Dr. and Mrs. William O. Gulley
Ms. Carolyn S. Hackbarth
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haggett
Ms. Janet C. Helado-Boyce
Mr. Aaron Herrick
Mrs. Daryl A. Hurlock
Ms. Harlene C. Husted
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jacaruso
Mr. Jason Jacob
Ms. Karen N. James
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Johnson
Mrs. Carla J. Jordan
Mr. Elliot T. Joseph
Mr. Anthony A. Joyce, III
Dr. Manuel E. Kadish
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Kalla
Dr. and Mrs. Dinesh Kapur

Dr. Phillip Kohanski and Dr. Renee Kohanski
Ms. Karen Kutniewski
Ms. Hilary N. Lange
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lapierre
Ms. Barrie J. Lee
Mr. Frank Lotti
Mr. Shawn Mawhiney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. McAvoy, Jr.
Mr. John E. Murphy
Naomi Nomizu, M.D.
Mr. Pete Oman
Ms. Susan Orenstein
Ms. Kathlene Ouellette
Mr. John M. Ratcliff
Mrs. Mary Sarni
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Schies
Mr. Walter P. Seder
Mr. Scott H. Seder
Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Sibicky
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sidman
Ms. Jennifer A. Smith
Mr. Steve and Dr. Stacy Spooner
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen St. Germain
Mr. William A. Struzinski
Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Temkin
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tessier
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Tramontozzi
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Vojick
Drs. Setu and Carina Vora
Drs. Ramindra and Rachna Walia
Ms. Joyce L. Weber
Mr. Charles Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Wisneski
Ms. Alice M. Youngblood
Ms. Anna Zubkova, Esq.

Kathleen A. Dowd Society

Adesa Boston
American Ambulance Service, Inc.
Columbia Ford Kia
Connecticut Hospital Assoc.
CorePlus Federal Credit Union
Eastern Connecticut Hematology & Oncology
Eastern CT Hematology & Oncology Assoc.
Jacunski Humes Architects, LLC
New England Metal Building Pro’s LLC
New London Communications LLC
Norwichtown Rehabilitation and Care Center
Pfizer Matching Gift Center
Southeast Agency LLC
Ms. Linda Albamonti
Mr. Brian Andstrom
Mrs. Lois A. Babbitt
Mr. Stephen C. Barrett
Mr. Christopher S. Bekris
Ms. Karen C. Blackburn
Mr. Scott L. Blevons
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Blinderman
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Bouchard
Ms. Diane Boucher
Ms. Karen Brouwer
Mr. Howard Bruskin
Ms. Lee Buchan
Ms. Karin M. Bullock
Mr. Douglas L. Burrill
The Reverend David L. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Caruso
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Cherry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Chupaska
Ms. Danielle Cook
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Copeland
Ms. Robin S. Cormier
Mr. Mike DiBernardo
Ms. Barbara Dombrowski
Mr. Christopher Dunn
Ms. Georgia Dunterman
Mrs. Rebecca M. Durham
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Durham

Ms. Tina Durnik
The Misses Anne and Mary English
Mr. Jeffrey Evans
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Falman, Jr.
Ms. Gail A. Fargo
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fischburg
Mr. and Mrs. Gene V. Flenke
Ms. Kathryn Forschler
Dr. Laurentiu P. Galan
Mr. David Garamella
Ms. Susan Gershkoff
Mrs. Candis Gioia
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Girard
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Goulding
Ms. Dorothy J. Gravel
Dr. and Mrs. William O. Gulley
Ms. Carolyn S. Hackbarth
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haggett
Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Hargus
Ms. Elaine Harrigan
Mr. and Mrs. James Hartman
Ms. Janet C. Helado-Boyce
Mrs. Celia Hochman
Ms. Melanie I. Hopkins
Ms. Carol D. Howe
Ms. Harlene C. Husted
Mr. Michael Izbicki
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jacaruso
Mr. Jason Jacob
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Johnson
Ms. Mary R. Johnson
Mr. Elliot T. Joseph
Mr. Anthony A. Joyce, III
Mr. George P. Kazlauskas
Dr. Phillip Kohanski and Dr. Renee Kohanski
Dr. Kathleen Kurowski
Ms. Karen Kutniewski
Mr. Jason Laabs
Ms. Hilary N. Lange
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lapierre
Ms. Barrie J. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Leffler
Ms. Donna Leroux
Mr. Frank Lotti
Mr. James J. Loughery
Mrs. Stephanie Malia
Ms. Janet Marciniak
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mastroianni

Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. McNamara
Ms. Michelle Melin
Ms. Linda M. Miller
Ms. Deborah L. Miller
Mr. John E. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Nevins
Mr. Pete Oman
Ms. Susan Orenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Osowski
Ms. Kathlene Ouellette
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Pedersen
Mr. John M. Ratcliff
Ms. Theresa Reardon
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reguin
Mrs. Barbara Ricketts
Mr. William H. Rideout
Ms. Charlsy Rogers
Mr. Jeff Rowe
The Honorable Linda M. Salafia
Mrs. Kathleen Santacroce
Ms. Debbie Scott
Mr. Walter P. Seder
Mr. Scott H. Seder
Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. Shea
Mr. Timothy K. Shizume
Ms. Jennifer A. Smith
Mr. Steve and Dr. Stacy Spooner
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tessier
Ms. Joyce Tessier
Mr. Robert J. Thevenet CFP, ChFC, CLU
Mr. Patrick Turek
Ms. Victoria Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Vojick
Drs. Ramindra and Rachna Walia
Ms. Joyce L. Weber
Ms. Adelia White
Ms. Anna Zubkova, Esq.

1893 Club

Bozrah Automotive Repair Center
CLA Engineers, Inc.
Mariani & Reck LLC

Puhlick & Cartier, P.C.
Putnam Bank
Remax Champions

Three Rivers Community College
Towne Liquor Store

Century Club

Benny’s, Inc.
Big Gary’s Montville Wine & Spirits
Block, Janney & Pascal LLC
Brown Jacobson P.C.
Byrnes Agency, Inc.
Carina Vero Vora DDS LLP
Digital Video and Consulting, Inc.
Hugos Auto Detailing Inc.
Hyatt Place Uncasville
Law Office of Kristi A Hanney LLC
Levine Distributors Co. Inc.
Mallove’s Jewelers
Marcus Insurance
McQuades Marketplace
NLG, Inc.
Norwich Business Machines
Norwich Diagnostic Imaging
Norwich Family Dental Assoc., LLC
Norwich Rotary Foundation Inc.
Prime Electric, LLC
Ratner Companies
Readco, LLC
Rotary Club Of Norwich
Rustici Management Company, Inc.
Servpro of Norwich/Windham County
Suisman Shapiro
Tennett Tree Service, Inc.
The Nutmeg Companies, Inc.
The Turnpike Buyer
Thrifty Car Sales of Franklin
Treats Pools & Spas
Ms. Sarah Aliaj
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Amaro, D.M.D.
Capt. and Mrs. Joseph S. Anderson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. John Arico
Mr. John R. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Prescott H. Baxter
Ms. Marie E. Beauchemin
Ms. Terri Beauregard
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Beit
Ms. Lizette A. Beltram
Mr. Stephen J. Bendas, Jr.
Mrs. Jill J. Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Bernstein
Ms. Naysha Berrios
Mr. and Mrs. John Bilda
Ms. Genevieve Boas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Boggs
Ms. June Bohara
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Bokoff
Ms. Melinda Bousquet
Ms. Pam Bouten
Mr. Thomas F. Bowlen
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald N. Chenail
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Collins
The Reverend Norma Connolly
Ms. Jeanette E. Cooper
Ms. Joan P. Cosentino

Dr. Sally A. and Mr. Thomas C. Crawford, Ph.D.
Ms. Katherine Daley
Ms. Cheryl Davis
Ms. Doreen A. DeMatties
Ms. Kayla Desmond
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dobrowski
Ms. Melinda M. Dolan
Mrs. Cheryl L. Doyle
Ms. Joanne M. Drag
Mr. Mark Dziedzic
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan R. Fabry
Mr. Geoffrey J. Fabry
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fatone
Dr. Melanie Fatone and Mr. David A. Vane
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Foster
Ms. Jennifer Foster
Ms. Karla Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Fratoni
Ms. Debra Gagnon
Ms. Paula M. Gauvin
Mr. and Ms. William Geller
Ms. Sheri Geller
Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Gileau
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Ginnetti
Ms. Mary J. Glover
Mr. Charles D. Gomes
Ms. Deanna M. Goodman
Ms. Anne Marie Graebe
Ms. Nancy M. Green
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Green
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Griffith
Ms. Lisa Hageman
Mr. Howard Haronian
Mr. John P. Harrold
Mr. Mark A. Hibbard
Mr. Jeffrey Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Hughes
Mr. Joseph Hughes
Ms. Patricia James
Ms. Tracie L. Jencks
Ms. Brenda Jones
Mr. Clifford Karpinski
Ms. Mary Kernander
Ms. Julianne Kivlin
Mr. and Mrs. Holger Krohn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas LaFreniere
Ms. Michelle Landry
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Leta, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah J. Lowney, Jr.
Mr. Stuart Lubowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Lucas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Valentine L. Luppert, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Manche
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Mannix, Jr.
Dr. Patrice M. Marchand and Dr. William M Bradbury
Mr. Jeffrey Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Mauro
Ms. Johanna McCormick

Mr. Steven A. McMahon, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. McPhail
Ms. Patricia A. McSweeney
Ms. Kimberly J. Messier
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Messier
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Michna
Ms. Heidi J. Morse
Ms. Margaret M. Murallo
Mr. Michael J. Murphy
Mr. Steven Narkawicz
Ms. Suzanne Ninteau
Ms. Sweet Ninteau
Ms. Karen A. Oliveira
Ms. Diane Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Peirce
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Perry, Jr.
Ms. Dawn Perry
Mr. Sammy Piotrkowski
Mr. Emil Pocock and Mrs. Ann Higginbotham
Ms. Rebecca A. Potter
Mr. John T. Przyblowski
Drs. Paul A. and Mary Ann Pudimat
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Quinn
Ms. Theresa A. Rankin-Carle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rankowitz
Ms. Susan R. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Omer L. Rondeau
Mr. Aaron Rosenberg
Ms. Kathy Rowland
Ms. Laura G Sasser-Cuff
Dr. J. David Sawyer
Ms. Rachel Sayet
Mrs. Beverly M. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sciancalepore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Scott
Dr. Howard B. Segal
Mrs. Anne Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Shepard
Mr. Gregg E. Shipman
Ms. Hollis Simmons
Mr. Jeff Simon
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Smith, Sr.
Ms. Kristina M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Soderberg
Ms. Wendy St. George
Ms. Kelly Stephan
Mr. William Storz
Mr. Eugene R. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Torchia
Ms. Gale A. Treiber
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Truax
Ms. Elizabeth Turley
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Twomey
Ms. Anita Valenti
Ms. Denise M. Weinschenker
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan B. Weiss
Mr. Geoffrey Wheaton
Mr. Neil T. Whitehead
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Yeager
Ms. Audrey W. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Zotti, Jr.


Aetna Foundation Inc
Alanon, Friday Evening
Baroco Corp.
Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors, Inc.
Overeaters Anonymous-Wednesday Evening
Rose City Financial Services LLC
Mr. Michael K. Adams
Ms. Lorraine F. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Muhammad M. Alrijeh
Mr. Muhammad M. Al-Rijleh
Ms. Linda E. Antonino
Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Aubin
Mr. Harlan L. Bacon
Mr. John J. Bailey
Ms. Bonita Barth
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Batura
Mr. John Beatty
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Beaudry
Ms. Donna M. Bengtson
Ms. Donna M. Bergeson
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Bienstock
Mrs. Ruth D. Blakney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Blinderman
Mr. Raymond P. Booker, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Booth
Mr. Milton F. Bornstein
Ms. Joyce Bouthillier
Mr. Stephen D. Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bunce, III
Mr. John Buzenski
Mr. John R. Caramanica
Ms. Myrtle S. Carver
Mr. David O. Casale
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Champagne
Ms. Leslie Chasse
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Chenail
Mr. Robert Allan Choiniere
Ms. Wendy Clifton
Ms. Laurie Corcoran
Mr. Robert C. Courtois
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Cyr
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer P. Deshefy
Mrs. Lucille T. Deslandes
Ms. Karen B. Dicrosta
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Dorsey
Ms. Eileen C. Duggan
Ms. Diane E. Dusza
Ms. Elizabeth Duzant
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dygert, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Enright
Ms. Alice Facente

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Farrell
Mr. Daniel D. Ferguson
Mr. Robert L. Finegan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Fodor, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Fulton
Mr. Michael Gantick
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gere
Mrs. Debra Giambattista
Ms. Kathleen L. Gius
Mr. Robert J. Gorgone, II
Ms. Barbara J. Grimm
Ms. Pamela A. Harazim
Mrs. Bahria O. Hartman
Ms. Jeannette Haskell
Mr. Kevin B. Hastings
Ms. Elaine Hernandez
Mrs. Joan L. Hospod
Ms. Corinne Y. Impellitteri
Ms. Marilyn B. Jello
Ms. Lorraine J. Joiner
Mr. and Mrs. William Jorsz
Ms. Rose L. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Joyce, Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey Kasper
Ms. Emily D. Keltonic
Ms. Carol Kiley
Mrs. Susan R. Kortfelt
Mr. Russell R. Krause
Ms. Melissa Krauss
Mrs. Dolores D. Kubicki
Ms. Lillian A. Lafleche
Ms. Jean M. LaFreniere
Ms. Beverly LaPere
Ms. Patricia L. Latham
Mr. Arthur E. LeBeau
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Leyko
Ms. Judy K. Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Lorinsky
Mr. Dominic F. Lucente
Ms. Doreen Lussier
Mrs. Elizabeth MacAdie
Ms. Sherry L. Macaione
Mr. Elmer MacCluskey
Mrs. Anne Mahalawich
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Majalian
Mr. and Ms. Arnie Manche
Mr. Oliver J. Manning
Mr. Lawrence A. Marien
Mr. J. Roger Marien*
Ms. Susan L. Matheny

Ms. Angelina Mathieu
Mr. and Ms. William E. Mclaughlin
Ms. Mary Messerschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Molochko
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. O’Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Orlomoski
Ms. Lisa Orowson
Ms. Bernadette Ouimet
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Paggioli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Palumbo
Ms. Lisa Pescatello
Ms. Elizabeth Peterson
Ms. Victoria M. Petrides
Anne B. Pierson, M.D.
Ms. Kim Pike
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Pinney
Ms. Katie M Pollard
The Reverend John E. Post
Representative and Mrs. Tom Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Dimas Rodrigues
Mr. and Mrs. John Rota, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Russillo
Ms. Donna M. Saracen
Ms. Robyn L. Saucier
Mr. Charles P. Scopelitis
Ms. Lottie B. Scott
Ms. Vivian A. Snurkowski
Ms. Lindy A. St. Pierre – Pettit
Ms. Christine Stahl
Mr. Basil W. Standish, Jr.
Ms. Roberta Strogoff
Ms. Wilma J. Sullivan
Mr. John J. Sullivan
Ms. Barbara M. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Tagg
Ms. Loretta A. Thompson
Mr. Walter Turnquist
Mrs. Louise N. Walkup
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Watson
Mrs. Ronda J. Welch
Ms. Simie Whalen
Mr. Chester R. Williams, Jr.
Ms. Claudette Williams
Mr. and Ms. Scott F. Wolfe
Mr. Robert W. Wright
Ms. Lisa B. Zuppe

* Deceased

We are grateful for the volunteer leadership of the following individuals:

Planned Giving and Annual Giving Advisory Council Members

Stephen Adeletti
Mark E. Block, Esq.
Jamie Block
Steven L. Bokoff, CPA, CFP
Susan Dowling, CFP
Dorothy Gravel

P. Michael Lahan, Esq.
Thomas N. McAvoy, Jr., CTFA
Michael J. Murphy
Angelo D. Olivieri, ChFC, CFP
R. James Thevenet, ChFC, CLU, CFA
Anna Zubkova, Esq.

Backus Office of Philanthropy and Development

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please contact the Office of Philanthropy and Development at 860.823.6325 with any errors or omissions as we would like the opportunity to make corrections.